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Afterwords -- Pokémon X & Y


Whoa… this is really cool and gives us a lot more little bits of canon detail on XY’s story. Some quick points:

  • (About the war mentioned in the story) In order to emerge victorious, the soldiers believed that they needed even more powerful Pokémon. AZ loved his Pokémon, which he had received from his late mother, but it was forcefully taken from him by the soldiers. 
  • AZ used a machine to bring his beloved Pokémon back to life. By doing so, he gave his Pokémon eternal life, and he was also affected by this. Part of that was him turning into a giant and still living even after 3,000 years have passed. However, unlike his Pokémon, he still grew old. 
  • "The idea for Lysandre came up when I was working on AZ’s character settings. He’s a person who thought AZ’s ultimate weapon was brilliant and became obsessed with it. However, he’s more obsessed with what he could do with the weapon than what the reason for its creation was originally. I wanted to express how terrifying obsession can be with this character."

    In Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version, Team Plasma’s philosophy had a bit more of a serious tone to it. With Team Flare, I wanted to separate them from some kind of philosophy and make them a bit more goofy and funny.

Lots more interesting questions answered in the article!!

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